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For this session 2016/2017 our pupils will be in the following classes:

In the infant building on Albert Street: P1 – Room 8 and Room 10, P2 – Room 1 and  Room 5, P3 – Room 3 and Room 4.

In the Junior Building on Charlotte Street: , P4- Room 11 and Room 5, P5 – Room 12 and Room 7,  P6 – Room 8 and Room 4, P7 – Room 13 and Room 10.

Here is what our infant children think about life at St Andrews School:

“There are logs and a climbing wall that help to make playtimes fun.”
“There is lots of space outside around our school so we get to do lots of lessons outside.”
“Our teacher has lots of activities for us to do at golden time.”
“We get to use the ipads to make music; it’s really cool.”
“There are lots of different lessons so its never boring.”
“The teachers always encourage us to behave by giving us table points stickers, merit cards and certificates.”
“Everybody (adults and children) is really friendly and helpful.”
“The canteen food is amazing.”
“Everyone in the school is really smiley and kind.”
“Someone always helps you if you are stuck.”
“I like to meet all my friends.”
“I enjoy learning maths and doing work.”

Here is what our older children like about our school.

“You get football days”
“I like the work we get because it is fun.”
“I like art”
“You get lots of support.”
“The canteen has good food.”
“I like tuck shop, especially the muffins.”
“I like the playground games equipment.”
“I like earning house points.”
“The teachers listen to us.”